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We Provide US-verified Payeer Accounts With 100% Legal And Active Documents, Such As A Unique Email Address, Active Mobile Number, Social Security Number Code SSN, And Routing Number. Bank Card (Every Bank According To Buyer Requirements), Debit Or Credit Card, Visa Or Passport, And So On. To Begin, Understand How PayPal Works; And Payeer Customer Service; And Purchase Old Payeer Accounts, Payeer Personal Accounts, Payeer Business Accounts, Online Business Wallets, And Be Secure And Comfortable In Your Business.

We Have A Big Team And Hard-Working Members. Who Are Always Ready To Respond To You Anytime And Smart Support Too.

Why Will You Purchase My Service?

  •  Genuine Phone Number And Gmail Verified
  • Attached is the Bank Card
  • Debit/ Credit Card Added And Confirmed
  • SSN And Router Number Verified
  • 100% Genuine Account
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • No Transaction Problem Required
  • Money Transfer Without Limit
  • Replacement Guaranteed
  • Fast And Short Time Delivery
  • 24-Hour Customer Support And Reply
  • Money Back Guarantee 100%

Buy Verified Payeer Account


Payeer Is One Of The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World. You Can Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies On Payeer Using Your Credit Card Or Bank Account.

What Is Payeer?

Payeer Is A Platform That Allows You To Make Payments Across The World. It’s A Popular Payment Gateway And Method, As Well As A Popular Service For Making Payments.Buy Verified Payeer Accounts- VCCSale.Com

Payeer Has Its Headquarters In Ukraine But Operates Globally Through Its Network Of Partners And Representatives. The Company Offers Support Services In Many Languages, Including English, Russian And Spanish.

How To Buy a Verified Payeer Account?

You Can Buy A Verified Payeer Account From Our Website.

To Use a Verified Payeer Account, You Must First Verify Your Identity By Submitting Documents Like:

  • Passport Or National ID Card
  • Driving License Or Vehicle Registration Certificate (If Applicable)

How To Use a Verified Payeer Account?

  • How To Buy a Verified Payeer Account?

To Buy A Fully Verified Payeer Account, You Will Have To Fill Out The Form On The Official Website Of Perfect Money. The Process Of Getting Your Own Verified Payeer Account Is Fairly Easy And Simple. You Just Need To Follow These Steps:

  • Fill Out The Form With Your Information And Submit It To Get Started With This Service.
  • After Getting Approval From Us, We Will Send You An Email With Instructions About How To Change Your Existing payer into a Perfect Money Account Within Hours!Buy Verified Payeer Accounts- VCCSale.Com

Payeer Account

Payeer Is A Digital Currency Exchange Platform. It’s A Peer To Peer Payment System, Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform And Cryptocurrency Wallet. The Main Goal Of Payeer Is To Provide An Easy Way For You To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies With Other People In The World By Connecting Them Directly Through The Internet.

Payeer Also Offers Several Additional Features Such As A Mobile App For Android and iOS Devices That allow you To Trade On Your Phone While You’re On The Go!

Is Payeer Safe?

Payeer Is A Secure Payment System That Has Been Operating For Over 10 Years. The Platform Was Established In 2008 And Has Been Serving The Global Financial Industry Since Then. It’s A Trusted Payment System With A History Of Over 15 Years, Providing Quick And Easy Ways For Customers To Transfer Money Between Themselves Or Their Clients Via Direct Bank Transfers Or Through Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) Without Having To Go Through Any Wire Transfers.

Payeer Provides Its Users With Many Additional Services Such As Pre-Payments Before Goods Are Delivered Or Services Rendered; Escrow Accounts Where Funds Are Held Until They’re Released According To Agreed Terms; Cash Pick Ups At Local Banks Using ATM Cards Provided By Payeer Which Enables Users From Around The World Access Their Funds At Any Branch Location Nationwide Here In America!

Buy a Fully Verified Payeer Account With a Document

Payeer Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange, Peer To peer-to-peer marketplace, And Cryptocurrency Wallet.

The Service Was Launched In 2017 As An Alternative To Centralized Exchanges Like Kraken Or Poloniex. It Has Since Grown Into One Of The Largest Exchanges By Volume Traded During Its First Year On The Market With Over USD 500 Million Worth Of Trades Executed Every Day!

How Do You Change Payeer For Perfect Money?

  • How Do You Change Payeer For Perfect Money?

It’s Very Easy. You Just Need To Go To Https://Www.Perfectmoney.Com And Click “Sign Up” Or Log In With Your Email Address And Password. Then, Choose The Payment Method That Suits You Best: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Or Paypal!

Security System Of Buy Verified Payeer Account

Payeer Is The Most Secure Way To Buy Crypto.

Payeer Is A Reliable Payment Processor.

Payeer Is A Safe Payment Processor.

Buy Verified Payeer Accounts For Secure Payment

Payeer Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange And Wallet. It’s Also A Merchant Processor, Payment Gateway, And More.

Payeer Has Been Around Since 2013 (When It Launched As An Online Payment Platform), So They’ve Been Able To Gain Enough Traction Over Time To Become One Of The Most Trusted Exchanges In The World Today. The Reason Why People Trust payers is Because They Offer Multiple Payment Options Such As Bank Transfers Or Credit Cards. They Also Have Security Measures In Place To Ensure Your Money Isn’t Stolen Or Lost During Transactions With Them!

Is Buy Verified Payeer Accounts Safe?

Payeer Is A Payment Processor That Allows You To Buy And Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) And Other Cryptocurrencies.

Payeer USA

Payeer Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange. It Is One Of The Few Exchanges That Allow You To Buy And Sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies.

The Platform Was Founded In 2012 By Anton Buryakov And Vitaly Nebraska. In 2013 It Launched Its Fully Functional Website Which Quickly Became Popular Among Users Because They Could Trade Any Digital Asset At Any Time They Wanted In Just A Couple Clicks On Their Web Browser Or Mobile Phone.

Payeer Verification Time

The Verification Time Depends On The Amount Of Funds You Have Deposited. The Verification Process Takes Up To 24 Hours, But Usually, It Takes Around five Hours.

100% Real & Secure

Payeer Is A Payment Processor That Allows You To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency. It’s A Great Way To Buy Cryptocurrency, Sell Cryptocurrency, And Exchange Cryptocurrencies.

Payeer Verification Time

  • The Verification Time Is Usually Around Three Days.
  • The Process Of Payeer Verification Is Very Simple And Hassle-Free, But You Will Have To Provide Your Details And Proof Of Identity To Pass The Test Successfully.
  • The Payeer Verification Process Usually Takes About Five Hours (4-five Hours). However, This Can Vary Depending On How Fast You Can Submit Documents And Information Required By Them During Their Testing Period.

Buy Verified Payeer Accounts – Is Payeer Wallet Safe?

Payeer Is A Secure And Reliable Payment Platform For Cryptocurrency. The Platform Has Been In Operation Since 2016 And Has Been Used By Thousands Of Users Worldwide.

Payeer Is One Of The Most Popular Crypto Exchanges In Africa, With Millions Of People Using It Every Month To Buy Or Sell Cryptocurrencies Such As Bitcoins And Litecoins.

Payeer Can Be Compared To Other Similar Platforms Like Bit Stamp Or Coinbase Because It Allows You To Trade Using Your Mobile Device Or Computer Without Having To Register An Account First Before Buying Or Selling Anything On This Website (Unlike Kraken).Buy Verified Payeer Accounts- VCCSale.Com

Can I Buy Crypto On Payeer?

The Answer Is Yes! You Can Purchase Cryptocurrency On Payeer, But You Will Need To Have An Account With Them First.

When Buying Crypto On Payeer, There Are Three Main Ways That You Can Do So:

  • By Using Their Payment Processor Feature (Which Allows Users To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies). This Requires A Minimum Of USD 500 Worth Of BTC Or ETH To Begin Trading Through Their Platform.
  • By Opening An Account And Purchasing Coins Directly From The Exchange Itself By Filling Out Some Verification Information Such As Your Name, Address, And Phone Number (This Does Require Some Personal Information).
  • Through Third Party Services Like Coinbase Pro Which Allows Users Access Directly Into Their Wallets Without Requiring Any Additional Steps Than Simply Signing Up For An Account At PayPal Itself

Can I Send Money To the Payeer Account?

You Can Send Money To a Payeer Account From Any Bank.

You Can Send Money To a Payeer Account From Any Mobile Phone, As Long As It Has An Internet Connection And A Credit Or Debit Card (Or Other Payment Method) Attached To It.

Payeer Account Login 

Payeer Is A Popular E-Wallet That Allows You To Send Money Across The World In Seconds. It’s Available In Over forty Countries, Including The United States, Canada And Australia.

The Process Of Buying A Payeer Account Is Straightforward: You’ll Need To Create An Account On Their Website Before You Can Start Using It. Once Complete, All You Need To Do Is Enter Your Details Into Their System So They Can Access Them Later When Making Transactions Through Their Platform.*

Once Confirmed By Payeer Themselves (And This Usually Takes Less Than 24 Hours) You’ll Receive An Email Containing Your New Username And Password Which Will Allow Access Into Both Their API As Well As Other Features Such As Instant Transfers Between Friends Or Family Members Living Abroad Who Don’t Have Credit Cards Handy But Still Need Some Help Paying Bills—Or Even Just Sending Them Some Cash!


With The Above Information, You Can Now Buy A Verified payer account And Use It To Make Secure Payments. The Account Will Be 100% USA Verified With Perfect Money, Bank Wire And Credit Card Support. You Can Also Change Your payer for Another Crypto Like Bitcoin Or Ethereum By Filling Up A Form.

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